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At Aequitas Financial, I’m with you for the long haul.

I pride myself on working with my clients on a long-term, ongoing basis.

Getting to know you on a personal level makes working together more rewarding + helps me better serve you as your financial needs evolve.

Clients are welcome to connect from wherever they feel most comfortable, be it their living room couch, a favorite coffee shop, or any other preferred space. The flexibility of remote sessions ensures ease and convenience, allowing for a relaxed and personalized financial planning experience.

My services include…

Financial Planning

Let’s do a deep-dive into your finances, talk about your goals, and develop a no-nonsense plan to get you where you want to go.

Tax Planning

Save yourself from a 1099-induced headache by leaving the tax planning to an expert. I’ll help you decode your tax liability, answer your questions about single versus joint filing, and most importantly, look for money-saving opportunities.

Investment Management

Any financial planner can give you portfolio advice, help protect your assets, and assist you in achieving your financial goals. I go a step further by identifying socially responsible companies and investment opportunities that align with your values. That means growing your wealth and putting your money into causes you actually care about.

Debt Management + Budgeting

Don’t let the past dictate your future. I’ll work with you to create a realistic budget and develop a debt-management plan that allows you to enjoy life while working towards greater financial freedom.

Retirement Planning

Whether you dream of volunteering at an animal shelter, or traveling the world, my services will help make your retirement goals a reality.

Family Planning

Starting a family as a member of the LGBTQ+ community isn’t easy or cheap, but together we’ll develop a plan to help you cover legal fees, medical expenses, and adoption or surrogacy costs.

Gender-Affirming Care Planning

Your finances should never stand in the way of life-saving care. Let’s build a budget that prioritizes for your needs: HRT, surgery, counseling, and any other needs you have. I’ll also help you navigate potential changes in workplace and insurance benefits so you can maintain financial stability, no matter what happens.

Charitable Giving + Activism

Work with me to discover LGBTQ+ organizations, charities, and events that align your philanthropic values with your financial resources. When we give back to our community, we all win.

Here’s the process when you work with me:

The QueerWealth Launchpad

Here is where your financial dreams take flight! In a series of 3-4 high-energy discovery meetings, we’ll dive deep into your values, visions, and goals, all while tidying up any financial clutter.

We’ll gather your documents and statements, meeting every 1-2 weeks for a focused 60-90 minute chat that sets the stage for a brighter, more organized financial future.

Financial Coming Out Gala

Get ready to strut down the financial runway at your very own Financial Coming Out Gala! After wrapping up our QueerWealth Launchpad journey, it’s time to celebrate YOU and your customized path to freedom.

Dazzle in the spotlight as we unveil your tailored financial plan, intricately designed around your values, visions, and goals. Pop the confetti, because this is your financial ‘coming out’ party, and the future has never looked so fabulous!

QueerWealth Summit Soirées

These are not your average financial meetings. Twice a year, we’ll throw a fabulous finance fête to celebrate your progress and elevate your goals. It’s a vibrant mix of reviewing your achievements, recalibrating for the future, and relishing the journey of financial empowerment.

Think of it as a summit where we scale new heights together, blended with a soirée where we toast to your success.

Pricing Guide

Financial Planning*

Financial Planning is $6,000/yr. for individuals and $9,600/yr. for couples.

*Upfront onboarding fee may be applicable
Investment Management
Investment Management fees are a flat 1% for assets managed.

While typical investment management focuses solely on your "risk tolerance", I take into account your "Conscious Comfort Zone" as well.

This is where I put your money where your values are and make sure to invest in companies and industries that support your values and community.

My investment portfolios are vetted to not only provide returns, but also so you can feel confident and comfortable in the companies that you become part owner in.

It’s time we change the game for the LGBTQ+ community with investing.

Let’s work together.