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Live Your Most Authentic Life

with LGBTQ+ Financial Planning Through Holistic Financial + Life Planning

The Vision - A Movement

LGBTQ+ Financial Planning

[ee-qui-tahs ] - Latin word for justice, equity or fairness.

The name says it all. These principles guide all of the work we do.

Financial freedom is a right, not a privilege. Every person, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves equal chances to succeed financially. Bearing this in mind, our commitment is to forge impactful, enduring partnerships with every client we serve.

Hi, I'm Taylor!

As a Financial Planner specializing in LGBTQ+ Financial Planning, I am deeply committed to the financial success of my community. My journey began in environments where dollar signs overshadowed individuals, and there was a profound lack of understanding of the unique financial challenges and historical hurdles faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Recognizing this gap, and driven by a genuine understanding of the pain and resilience within our community, I was motivated to establish a better way. My goal is to champion LGBTQ+ financial planning, fostering growth and prosperity within the community and among my peers.

Here’s what to expect when you work with Aequitas Financial:

Client-Focused Advising

Here, you are welcomed to a relaxed and safe place to discuss your financial wins, challenges, and questions.
With me, you'll get...
• Judgment-free financial chats.
• Easy-to-grasp advice with a personal touch—feel free to share life updates!
• Dress as you please and log in from anywhere for our 100% remote sessions.
• A fee-only advisor who prioritizes YOUR financial well-being; no products with commissions sold here.

LGBTQ+ Finance Specialists

Let’s level the financial playing field for the LGBTQ+ community
You deserve to work with someone who understands you on a personal level. Personal is what I’m all about. As a gay man, my firm only serves members of the LGBTQ+ community. I can help you budget for adoption, surrogacy, IVF, or gender-affirming care. Plus, I’ll give you insider advice about which LGBTQ+ charities and organizations are worth the investment.

Life Planning

Technically, I’m a financial planner. But I prefer to think of myself as a life planner
Life planning is a holistic approach that goes beyond simple budgeting and investing. Instead, it’s about taking a deep dive into personal subjects like career transitions, family planning, retirement dreams, philanthropic endeavors, and personal growth. Once you start aligning your financial decisions with your priorities and long-term vision, you’ll reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.